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Rules and Guidelines

Hey, hey, hey! Welcome to ChaoticLove-club, new members are always welcome!:D:heart:

Here in ChaoticLove-club we are a group that shares the love for all characters in the series and game Chaotic, and we are also home to pairings that we wished existed. That's right, you are able to submit fanart for your favourite characters in Chaotic, as well as create artwork for desired pairings you wish happened in the series. As all groups, this group will have a few simple rules and guidelines to help things run smoothly and securely. Please follow these rules carefully and don’t be afraid to ask for help if you’re ever unsure about something. And don’t be afraid to suggest something if you think it is necessary. :)


1. You MUST be a fan of Chaotic, otherwise I see no point in you being in this group.

2. All artwork you submit MUST be your own creation. This means, hand drawn/digitally drawn, hand coloured/digitally coloured/self-typed, etc, if you want to submit something here, make sure it is YOURS and not someone else’s. :star:THAT MEANS THAT SCREENSHOTS ARE NOT ACCEPTED! AND NEITHER ARE IMAGES FROM VARIOUS WEBSITES! ARTWORK MUST BE CREATED BY YOU! :star: Anyone caught stealing artwork will automatically be kicked out. Art is about expressing oneself and their love for something, so why would you ever want to steal someone else’s artwork? That’s not cool.

3. Yes bases are allowed, but you MUST credit the original base maker at all times. If you know you only coloured in the picture, why would you try to claim the lineart as yours as well? That’s partially stealing and that is still not cool.

4. If you want to become a member of this group, go for it! All you have to do is click the “join our group” button at the top of the page and a request will be sent automatically. Requests to join this group are automatically approved, so you can start submitting artwork right away.

5. OCs (aka: Own characters/creations) are allowed AS LONG AS in every submission, they are seen with at least one character from Chaotic. Whether they are human or creature is entirely up to you. Just remember though, this is a fan club, not an OC club.

6. Bashing, flaming, trolling, or just plain rudeness and disrespect towards members is NOT allowed at all! I don’t care if you think your opinion is better, or you think you can do better, if I catch anyone bashing other members and/or their artwork you will be in trouble! A warning is my way of showing mercy, but if I see that the problem persists, you are out of here!

7. Submissions should not be a problem since I have carefully taken the time to create and edit several folders for where specific artwork should go. If you are going to submit artwork, please make sure you READ the gallery folders and their descriptions first BEFORE you decide to go on a submission spree! Submissions may not be a problem now since we barely have any members, but if/when this group starts to become more and more popular, I expect you to follow up on the gallery folders and use your best judgement on where you should submit your artwork. If you are ever unsure on where a submission should go, please do not hesitate to send the group a note, comment, or even message me, and I will be happy to help you.

8. Mature artwork is allowed (ex: blood, sexual themes, horror, violence, etc) as long as you are following DA’s guidelines on what you can and cannot submit. However, please do not submit pornography and then call it “fanart”. I don’t think your fellow members would like to see that, and I personally do not want to see that. So please just be careful on what you submit.

9. And last but not least, all artwork MUST be Chaotic related. I repeat, ALL ARTWORK MUST BE CHAOTIC RELATED! If I see people submitting fanart for another series like Digimon, I’ll probably blow a gasket. Yes Digimon is a cool show, but I don’t recall the title of this group being called ”DigimonLove-club”. Ohh wait , that’s right, this is a group for Chaotic artwork only! So please, please, PLEASE, make sure all your submissions are Chaotic related.

That pretty much covers everything, I hope you all have fun and again, if you ever have any questions or suggestions, please do not be afraid to leave a comment on the group’s profile, send the group a note, or even contact me. I am here to help. Let’s get Chaotic! :w00t::w00t::w00t:

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Something wrong with the Chaotic. It has been forgotten by all the fans & when I check the closure, it said the website was shut down with no sign of a possible return because of the lawsuit. I can't believe why would they have to canceled it. I thought they were supposed to bring it back.

What is going on?
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All hail your queen, aka your awesome Founder, me! :bow:

And below are my awesome Co-Founders, and Contributors!








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